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Jade Mitchell

Hello I’m Jade Mitchell, I am lucky enough to have been chosen to be a brand ambassador. 

Where do I start, I have been lucky enough to have horses in my life since I was born, my Nan  had horses so I was sat on a pony before I could walk and now I just feel that horses is in my blood. 

Now as an adult I work with horses and have 4 of my own. 

My main discipline has been showing which I know some people don’t enjoy but there is something about it that makes me love it! 

I always try and judge at a few little show’s every year to see it all from the other side. 

I always try and vary my boys work so I do try and compete at dressage and paddy loves to go arena eventing and show jumping! 

We all love a pole clinic too, flat work and poles mixed into one how can you not love it?!

Let me introduce to my boys. 

Firstly I have Tic, my retired 27 year old welsh section A stallion, he was very well known on the open show circuit as he loved to show off and tell everyone he had arrived, now he lives his days being pampered and eating which is his two favourite things! 

Next up furby my 23 year old Appaloosa pony, he has just come through laminitis and EMS but he seems to be doing really well and I hope to get him out to some showing shows and dressage this year. He is one cheeky chap but he is a family favourite! 

Paddy the youngster of the boys my 10 year old Connemara. I bought him unseen over Facebook from Ireland 5 years old and he has turned out to be one of the best decisions i have ever made! He does abit of everything but jumping is definitely his favourite activity even though I’m trying to persuade him that dressage is fun and that’s our aim this year! 

Last but definitely not least David, my horse of a lifetime, he is turning 20 years old this year and you wouldn’t know it! I’ve owned him 10 years and we have done abit of everything together from qualifying for Royal international horse show, to show jumping to going clear round firle a few years ago. 

Now I’ve introduced me and the ponies I hope that if you bump into us I can be a helping hand or just a chat and introduce ourselves in person. 

Charlotte Harman

Hi my name is Charlotte and I have two horses called Tom and Phin. 


Tom 'Spot the Difference' 

D.O.B 10th May 2008

Height: 14.3hh

Breed : Appaloosa x

Owned since: 27/03/19

Discipline: Inhand Showing 

Cheeky Habit: Holding onto your hood or trying to steal your phone. 

Fun Fact: Tom has one Blue eye.


Phin 'Dynamo Dolphin'

D.O.B. 27th June 2016

Breed : Irish Sports Horse x Connemara 

Owned Since: 26/01/23

Discipline: A little bit of everything 

Cheeky Habit: Twizzles his head when excited and always looks for a treat. 

Fun Fact: His name is spelt Phin with a PH as he gets it from the end of his registered name Dynamo Dol"PHIN".

Sian Riddle

Parrybach Welsh Cobs and Friends – 


The team-

- Neville (Cefncoch Mathias) aka Precious, 9 year old, 14.1hh, bay, Welsh Section D, gelding.

Owned for 9 years, disciplines- showing and dressage, cheeky trait- can pretend he’s too scared to be caught in the field.

- Jess (Mitcheltroy Starlight) 25 year old, 14.3hh, dark bay, Welsh Section D, mare.

Owned for 7 years, disciplines – showing and breeding(Mother of Sybil), a sweeter mare you won’t find. She’s a real poppet.

- Erin (Valiant Erin) 17 year old, 15.1hh, dark bay, Welsh Section D, mare.

Owned for 6 years, disciplines – was my fun jumping horse until injury took her out of work. Now a super broodmare (Mother of Colin), the boss of my field gang, always in charge.

- Colin (Parrybach Crackling Comet) yearling, 12hh, dark bay, Welsh Section D, colt.

Homebred last year who will hopefully go showing this year, very sweet boy but can be dippy at times. 

- Sybil (Parrybach Fire Flower) yearling, 12hh, bay, Welsh Section D, filly.

Homebred last year and as with Colin will hopefully go showing this year. Can be very strong willed at times, especially when asking her to do something she doesn’t want to do.

- Barney (Barnsbee Warrior) 28 year old, 15.1hh, skewbald, Irish Cob, gelding.

Owned for 21 years, was my show horse (including side saddle) and hunter but is now happily retired. He is great for nannying youngsters and teaching them the do’s and don’ts.

- Charlie (Lucky Lad) 17 year old, 15.1, piebald, Irish Cob, gelding.

Owned for 7 years, happy hacker who is great at nannying and escorting the children on their pony. Can get a little too excited when cantering. 

- Charlie (Blue Satin) 14 year old, 12.2hh, blue roan, Dartmoor Hill Pony, gelding.

Loaned for coming up to a year. Loves to drag you to the closest bit of grass.

- Daisy (Eastgate Ooops A Daisy) 9 year old, 11.2hh, Grey, Welsh Section A, mare.

Owned for 7 years. Given to me as a companion for Jess. A great companion, as long as you don’t want to catch her. 

Anne Rogers

Emily Wright

Hello my name is Anne Rogers and I am a Senior Ambassador for BP Events and Rossettes.   I am soon to collect my bus pass (not that I ever go on a bus) and have had horses all my life.  At the moment I have a 14.2 Bay Connemara called “Spud” who is 12 years ago and recently been diagnosed with Equine Asthma.  I have had him for 6 years and we have had a go at nearly everything but he seems to like Dressage at the moment and I must say is excelling at it.  He is a lovely chap and is always willing to give hugs and cuddles out (especially for a treat) but dont be fooled he has his “naughty step” moments. I tend to do a lot of Showing in the summer and then Dressage in the winter but always willing to try something new.  I have recently moved yards so that Spud has more turnout for his asthma, so getting to know all the new liveries (and their names) and encouraging them to get out and about to BP Events.  Do come and say hello if you see us at BP Events and Shows and introduce yourself and your horse to me, I dont bite.

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