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January Blogs

Jade Algeo 

January is always a quiet month for competing for me as I tend to give the ponies a few weeks off at Christmas so it’s mainly the month where I get them all hacking, re clipped and tidied up ready to go out into public. 

Also January I make sure they all get their vaccinations and teeth done so we are all ready for the up coming season and join into so it’s a very busy month. 

February I plan to start back with dressage lessons and entered my first into of shows.

Anne Rodgers

Well this is a first for me, never done a blog before so bare with and any advice would be appreciated.  January got off to a awful start for Spud and me, with him needing a vet visit and diagnosed with inflamed lungs and now on a 6 week course of steriods.  Think Bree beat me to the vet visit though.  Do hope that your lot are on the way to recovery Bree.  What a month of weather it has been but spring will soon be here I hope and we can all start going out again.  I moved yards late last year and because Spud has equine asthma he has to be out more, and the new yard facilitates this, but it is a bigger yard than I was at but loads going on and I am recruiting some of the ladies to BP Events.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Awards event at Bodiam in February.  Lets get BP Events out there this year! 

Charlotte Harman


January has been a quiet yet exciting month for Tom and I! 

Tom has still been on his winter holidays, we’ve had a few quiet pamper days, but we have managed to fit in some in-hand hacking, which he has really enjoyed! And I am looking forwards to bringing him back into his groundwork and giving him a spruce up ready for the showing season to begin.


We have some very exciting news to announce… on the 26th of Jan we welcomed a new member to our team! I brought home my new horse Phin! His registered name is Dynamo Dolphin, he is a dapple grey, 6 year old Irish Sports Horse X Connemara, standing at 16.1hh. Phin is a bit of a project and still quite green in his education, and I am looking forwards to our journey together along the way, while we turn our hooves to a little bit of everything! 


We can’t wait to see you all out and about again and are sending everyone best wishes for 2023!


Love Charlotte, Tom & Phin

Sian Riddle


January has seen the three ridden members of the team come back into work after some time off due to my pregnancy and having a little recovery time after my baby arrived. I think they are enjoying their exercise especially Neville and big Charlie getting back out hacking and little Charlie having the kids back on board. I am currently trying to work out show dates for this year and who will go where. Between myself and the children we will do a combination of showing and dressage, possibly a little jumping if we get brave! The field gang are doing well despite the freezing and wet weather we have had. The broodmares are looking good even though theystill have last years foals on them. The plan is to wean them in the next month or so and then hopefully get them ready for some youngstock classes this year. I think I will struggle deciding which one to take where as I will want to take both but would like them to get used to going out separately. We are looking forward to a fun season wherever we go.



Tom & Phin


Charlie & Neville

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