The Bettell-Higgins Showing Show

18th August 2019

This show was a great success raising money for charity. We had a great turnout and lots of happy faces. The show was in memory of a lady called Janet Bettell-Higgins who sadly passed away. Janet loved her animals and would do anything for them she also did a lot herself for charity. Janet did a lot for me so I wanted to give something back, so with the help of Golden Cross, judges, helpers and of course competitors we raised £1213  for St Micheals Hospice and Hospice in the Weald. 

May Online Photo Shows 2020


In May we held two online photo shows which were very popular. Our First show was for horses and ponies, we had a range of classes from veteran to best smile. We had lots of positive feedback about how the show was run and our lovely rosettes.

We also had a dog show which was equally as popular and had a range of dogs entered. Our classes were mainly novelty for this show. Some examples of our classes were Best Friends, Best Rescue, Golden Oldie and Dog the judge would most like to take home.


June Online Photo Shows 2020


Our June online show was bigger and better then the month before. We had more classes and more championships.

We had an online horse and pony show and an online pet show which was open to all animals.

We had dogs, cats, cows, hamsters and even a bearded dragon! We had a range of fun classes for everyone and had a good number of entries. 


Image by Marylou Salon