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January Blogs

Darcy Dumas 

We have had to deal with awful weather conditions so training has been difficult. We went out this weekend to Crockstead for the Southdown & Eridge Competition where we did the 75cm class as a warm up & came 6th. Then we entered the Open Relay Teams Class & we won... Atillo flew round & we had some great turns & also jumped the joker fence which was a meter. We have some school NSEA competitions coming up in February. 

Dylan Stacey

During the last few months I have been keeping Malibu fit ready for the spring and summer where I will be taking him to in hand shows. I have gotten a little bit big for him now so we are keeping busy through lots of ground work, going for walks in hand and lunging. He really enjoys playing games in the school, he is really good at "it" and will follow and chase me around the school.



Kezia Blake 

Me and Jack have had a quiet January however we managed to get a lift to a dressage show. Unfortunately the week leading up to the show it was very frosty which meant very little exercise and practice. On the day Jack was very fresh which led to broncking and spooking in the warm up and me ending up on the floor. We did intro b first and although Jack sang all the way round we got 62.39% for a 4th place. Next class was prelim 1 and we struggled to pick up canter then we got the wrong canter lead (probably because he was still singing) but we still managed to get 61.84% for a 5th place which I was so pleased with.



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